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It's been a rough day

Thursday Aug 24, 2006 04:06:00 PM

Today has already been a rough day for me. This morning..I woke up as usual when my dad gets up for work. Mom and I were playing on the bed with my squeaky toys..I was just enjoying some one on one time when all of a sudden..I hear my dad rattling my treats bag..the heck with Mom..my ears perked up and I took off running towards Dad. Jumped off of the bed like a flash and landed on my back. It HURT! I laid there and whimpered for a few minutes..got up and stretched.....Mom was almost in tears..Dad looked kind of scared..he was down on the floor with me. They thought I had hurt my back...so I had to lay it on a little thicker..I got up and held my back leg up..limped...looked back at them...they were so worried...then I limped on my front right leg....they were even more worried...then I decided to try another leg...Dad started grinning..."Mom...he's gonna live. Give him a treat"...she gave me one treat...ONLY ONE..after all of that only one freaking treat. I could have been killed. She was on the phone with my grandma from Kentucky while ago and I heard her telling her how I was being a brat and faking getting hurt. Uh..how did she catch on to that fact? I guess that she's smarter than I give her credit for. But, I did get another treat while ago for no apparent reason. My mommy loves me. PC..one more day until Friday..then I'm home to torment you for the weekend..hehehehe

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Posted By: ☺•Jake•☻ 2006/08/24 04:43:35 PM
aww! poor willie! so were you pretending or were you reeeally hurt? hehe!

Posted By: P.C. (Problem Child) 2006/08/24 04:14:19 PM
You're still a spoiled brat. Mom needs to take you back to that petstore where they found you and leave you.

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